Geostorm… Disaster…

I am a great fan of disaster movie. So Geostorm seems like my thing. After watching, one word: disaster. The story talks about human manage to create a system using satellite to neutralize bad weather. Then some politicians try to sabotage the system and create weather havoc around the world.  The lead actor needs to think of a way to save the Earth from destruction. There are a lot of cgs and the usual kind of destruction. But I just find the story no logic. How the malfunction of the satellite leads to say Hong Kong overheated underground? I just cannot figure out. Also the only chinese character Daniel Wu, just killed off suddenly. Plus it mentioned the whole system is led by scientists from USA and China, then suddenly become one man just save the day. The cgs are also quite badly done. Really too computer. You dun feel real. Overall, I would say maybe can skip.


Expired food

Recently I have been eating expired food. This is all because of buying and storing. If you keep somewhere and you will bound to forget. Then, days and weeks past. One of the days, you do spring cleaning and you realise how many expired food you have stored!! Those that expired a few days, I will still try to eat it. More than that, I will throw them away. So buy only if you going to eat!

Daegu Night Market

Daegu is a smaller city and if you are thinking of Seoul kind of late night shopping, you will be disappointed. So where can you go at night? If around 9pm and you are hungry, you can go to Seomum Market. This local market opens in the morning till evening selling clothes etc. But at night, it will transform into a walking street selling food till midnight. Certain food stall have super long queue! Worth to try. It is just located next to Seomum Market MTR station.

Seomum Market


4th Oct is 中秋节。As usual, many people will buy mooncake as gift. Nowadays, the packaging is getting more and more fancy!! Last time, I buy certain brand mooncake due to their packaging! But if you think about it. Most of the time, people after finished the mooncake most likely throw away the packaging even as gift. So why waste that kind of $$? Unless you can recycle them like me. I recycle the packaging into tea box or container for candies. 

Train to Busan….

If you have watched the show Train to Busan, you will know what you are in for. I took the same train to Daegu (same direction as Busan) except there is no zombies. A KTX high speed train ride from Icheon airport to Daegu will take 2h 45 mins.

Where are the passengers? Due to Zombies???  Train to Busan direction.

South Korea trip..

I am back from a short trip to South Korea. I went to two cities – Daegu and Seoul. As I am busy in the day, I only have time to explore at night. So what can do there? Stay tuned.. 

Down a memory lane..

If you are looking for some nostalgia eating place, try Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe. It is located in a quiet location next to Seletar Airport runway. Yes. You are right. You can enjoy the runway view while eating. Ok, food wise, I admit nothing out of this world. But the setting and location made up for it. But one minor complain will be they seem under-staffed. I went on a Sunday morning and it seems pretty overwhelming. One good thing is there are no service charge and GST.

Spring chicken $11.80 and chicken chop $10.80.    

Address: 80 Seletar Aerospace View Singapore 797563