How to go Gold Coast?

There are two ways. If you decide to go with SQ, you can fly directly to Brisbane airport and then a 1 hour car ride to Gold Coast. Alternatively, you can fly directly to Gold Coast airport with Scoot and then a 30 mins car ride to Gold Coast downtown. So it actually boils down to preference.


So you want to go Gold Coast?

I went for a short trip to Gold Coast during the Cny period. Is it a good time to go? In February, it is summer. However, it is not as hot as I expected. I think is a good period.

Day 10: Athens

The last day we went to Mount Lycabettus. It looks very near to the city but walking to there is a no no as it involves a lot of walking up slope. We use a apps call Beat. It is Greece version of Uber. Very easy to use and you not worried of get rip off. Mount Lycabettus is highest point in Athens where you can have a good view of the city. I took a tram up which cost me $7.50 Euro if you buy a return ticket. The journey to the top is around 3 mins and is rather uneventful. It goes through a tunnel and no view at all. At the top has some cafe and a small church. That is all. Many actually went to see sunset and the lowering flag ceremony in front of the church. This is the last tourist spot before we fly back home.

Day 9: Athens

You cannot say you visited Athens if you did not visit the Acropolis. The heart of Acropolis is the Parthenon aka as Temple of Athena. But if enter from the side entrance, you will get to see Theatre of Dionysus and Odeon of Herodes Atticus. At the top, you get a very nice view of the whole Athens city. Then we pop over to visit Panathenaic stadium which is the site of first modern Olympic games in 1896. After that we pop by Hellenic Parliament to see the guard changing ceremony. The shopping street, Ermou street, is just next door to get your fashion items. In the night, we went to Syntagma Square for countdown. The fireworks is just on top of Acropolis! Fantastic view!

Theatre of Dionysus

Odeon of Herodes Atticus


Panathenaic stadium

Hellenic Parliament

Syntagma Square


Day 8: Aroglis

We did a day tour to Aroglis which is a region that is western of Athens. The first stop is to visit Corinth Canal. This is a 6km long canal that connect Aegean and Ionian sea. An important sea route for trade previously. Next is ancient town of Corinth. After that, we visited ancient city of Mycenae. Then, we have lunch at Nafplion which is a beautiful seaside town.. Finally we visited the Theatre of Epidaurus. It is the most well preserved ancient theatre that are still in use today.

Theatre of Epidaurus



Ancient Corinth

Corinth Canal

Day 7: Athens

We continued the trip and flew back to Athens. I booked a pickup from the company welcome pickups. It is very punctual and the car boot is huge for three big luggages. Luckily I did not opt to drive in Athens city. It is too crowded and messy!! I think parking will be a huge issue. I stayed very near to Syntagma Square which is the central of Athens. After settling down in our hotel, we explored the city. First stop is lunch. It is around 3pm and I tot lunch time is long over. Alas, I am so wrong. Many of the restaurants and cafes are filled with people. Then, I realized Greek lunch time is 2+, 3pm. It is so different from Asians timing of typical 12+, 1pm. After a nice lunch, we walked to the nearby park to take a look at Temple of Zeus. I am standing outside taking pictures as the park is gated up. Then, we strolled to the award winning Acropolis Museum. It is a three storey building with a restaurant at level 2. It housed all the artifacts found in The Acropolis and Parthenon. If you look at every artifacts and the story, it can easily take you more than four hours. More for museum lovers.

Temple of Zeus

Acropolis Museum