Daegu Dongseongno Street

Seoul has a number of famous fashion shopping streets. What does Daegu have? It has a similar street @ Dongseongno and can be easily accessible by Subway. Drop off at Jungango station. But beware, the general English level of the sales person in the shop is not as good as in Seoul. Also, many dunno how to speak Mandarin. So dun bet on it.


Daegu Night Market

Daegu is a smaller city and if you are thinking of Seoul kind of late night shopping, you will be disappointed. So where can you go at night? If around 9pm and you are hungry, you can go to Seomum Market. This local market opens in the morning till evening selling clothes etc. But at night, it will transform into a walking street selling food till midnight. Certain food stall have super long queue! Worth to try. It is just located next to Seomum Market MTR station.

Seomum Market

Train to Busan….

If you have watched the show Train to Busan, you will know what you are in for. I took the same train to Daegu (same direction as Busan) except there is no zombies. A KTX high speed train ride from Icheon airport to Daegu will take 2h 45 mins.

Where are the passengers? Due to Zombies???  Train to Busan direction.

South Korea trip..

I am back from a short trip to South Korea. I went to two cities – Daegu and Seoul. As I am busy in the day, I only have time to explore at night. So what can do there? Stay tuned.. 

Yakitori street in Shinjuku

In Shinjuku, there is an interesting old narrow street that is filled with many small shops selling Yakitori. It is known as Yakitori memory lane or piss alley. If you are into Yakitori, this place is quite a place to visit. You will see many local salaryman filling up the narrow street shops eating and drinking away. Beware, some store will charge an entrance fee. Check before entering. To avoid crowds, you can go after 9pm. The place opened till very late.

Must buy item: Toyko Banana?

If you ask anyone what to buy in Tokyo, chances are they will answer: Tokyo banana. This sponge cake like food should be one of the most famous item to buy as souvenir when you are in Tokyo. But you do not need to search high and low while in the city. You can simply buy it on the last day in Narita airport after you crossed the custom. It will be cheaper without tax plus fresher with a more updated expiry date.

Tokyo Banana costs 1000 Yen per box

Where to buy facial products in Japan?

Facial products business is a huge market in Asia. Many famous and affordable brands are from Japan and Korea especially. You might think to get in departmental stores. But hold your horse. There are more places you can check out at a much competitive pricing. In Hong Kong, there are Sasa, Bonjour. In Korea, there are Olive Young, all the individual brand outlets. In Japan, you can go to the drug stores with the word 藥. Yes. You heard me. These drug stores sell tonnes of facial product brands at super competitive price. One popular chain is Matsumoto Kiyoshi. Some stores have their own promotion. It will be good if you can walk around and do your homework first before buying.