Geostorm… Disaster…

I am a great fan of disaster movie. So Geostorm seems like my thing. After watching, one word: disaster. The story talks about human manage to create a system using satellite to neutralize bad weather. Then some politicians try to sabotage the system and create weather havoc around the world.  The lead actor needs to think of a way to save the Earth from destruction. There are a lot of cgs and the usual kind of destruction. But I just find the story no logic. How the malfunction of the satellite leads to say Hong Kong overheated underground? I just cannot figure out. Also the only chinese character Daniel Wu, just killed off suddenly. Plus it mentioned the whole system is led by scientists from USA and China, then suddenly become one man just save the day. The cgs are also quite badly done. Really too computer. You dun feel real. Overall, I would say maybe can skip.


Transformers: The last Knight

This is the fifth installment of Transformers series. Like the other series, I feel it is getting tired. The story I feel is empty and the characters are not as interesting as the first few episodes. But Transformers’ fans will heck care anyway. The show is pretty long but I dun find it boring. Btw, I am non fan. It is action all the way. Some will find it mindless blowing and fighting. Overall, as a pop corn show, I think this show is ok. Dun expect too much though.

The Boss Baby….. Boring

The Boss Baby talks about a baby landed into a family. The child in the family found out the baby can talk like a boss (creepy) and then he found out the baby has a mission. Together they try to stop a pet shop from replacing babies with puppies.

I hope I get the story right cos it is extremely boring! Ok, some parts are cute and funny. But overall, it lacks the flow and dun really grip you. Halfway, I was already hoping it could end soon.

Maybe kids like it. For adults, next please..