Transformers: The last Knight

This is the fifth installment of Transformers series. Like the other series, I feel it is getting tired. The story I feel is empty and the characters are not as interesting as the first few episodes. But Transformers’ fans will heck care anyway. The show is pretty long but I dun find it boring. Btw, I am non fan. It is action all the way. Some will find it mindless blowing and fighting. Overall, as a pop corn show, I think this show is ok. Dun expect too much though.

The Boss Baby….. Boring

The Boss Baby talks about a baby landed into a family. The child in the family found out the baby can talk like a boss (creepy) and then he found out the baby has a mission. Together they try to stop a pet shop from replacing babies with puppies.

I hope I get the story right cos it is extremely boring! Ok, some parts are cute and funny. But overall, it lacks the flow and dun really grip you. Halfway, I was already hoping it could end soon.

Maybe kids like it. For adults, next please..