If you think Daiso is cheap, you have not visited Mr DIY. This Malaysia based household product seller sold many things that can be found at Daiso but cheaper. Yes. It is less than $2 for many household items. There are other things selling at low cost. Really Malaysia pricing…

Clean your nespresso

If you have not been using your nespresso machine for quite some time, besides using the regular rinsed three times before using, you can try using clean taste. It is a descaling product for washing your machine. Just operate like usual. Then after that rinsed a few more times, your machine is good to go. You can find this on Lazada for $19.90.

Bad Design – Apple iPad Pro box.

If you buy iPad Pro, your eagerness to lay your hand on this beauty will be dampen by the process of opening the box. Yes, it is a beautiful package but the cover of the box is so fitting until removing it is a chore! Apple, you can display your precision engineering concept elsewhere. Opening of packaging should be easy.

Dibea Cordless Vacuum

Are you dread of doing housework cos you are lazy to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner with cord around? You wish to get a light cordless vacuum but feel Dyson is very expensive? But you think the knockoff versions are lousy? Now you can get a good Dyson inspired version. Meet Dibea F20 Max. Dibea is a China brand but is in the vacuum business for more than 10 years. Hence, they know a trick or two in vacuum cleaner. F20 is a well built, lightweight cordless vacuum. If you attached the roller, the dusty floor get cleaned like as if it is mop. It can be easily dismantle and wash. A full charge from empty takes about 4 hours and using the lowest mode, it can last 40 mins which is enough. Best of all is the battery can be removed and can change if faulty.

Unlimited data

Still remember when telco launch 3G network, they offered 12GB data. Speed is fine and people are happy. But when they upgrade to 4G, they suddenly become stingy and only give out 2GB of data for basic plan. Fast forward till now, more competition coming in. Now telco dished out huge data with basic plan again. Like starhub, they give free 90GB data plus unlimited data on weekend per month. M1 also follow with 15GB plus unlimited data on weekend. Only Singtel not that attractive.

Huawei Mate 20X

I am now using Huawei Mate 20X for almost a month now and I have to say it is really an excellent phone. The screen is huge at 7.2″ and the battery life is super good. I am consider a regular user with some surfing, video watching and game playing per day. Till end of the day, I always left with 40% battery life. Screen colour is also super beautiful and the photo taken are beyond fantastic. Even the night shot or low light condition. Overall, I have to highly recommend this phone.


  • Big screen
  • Extremely good battery life
  • Vivid colour screen display
  • Fast loading time of apps
  • Very good camera quality
  • Cool battery technology for gaming
  • Super fast charging
  • Very accurate finger print sensing at the back


  • Cannot think of any

Armorall Brake Dust Repellent

Although I am a Meguiar’s car care fan, I will also try out other brands product especially I could not find an equivalent. I always have a problem with my car if having a lot of brake dust in my rim. So when I saw this product, I decided to try. I have to say it really works.. After washing your rim, dry it and spray over it. That is all. I saw a significant drop in brake dust on my rim. It can last for few weeks. In between, you just need a simple wipe. I spray on my rim once a month. A bottle might last you 6 months.