Turntable.. Oldies is in

Recently into vinyl. I find the sound for oldies are better than on CD. Using turntable to listen to 80s and 90s songs have the cozy feel. Just bought an entry level turntable since I am just a novice. Audio Techica LP 60 is perfect. Premium feel, good sound and sweet price spot. If you just into vinyl and do not want to break your bank account, you can consider this.

Audio Technica LP60 costs $170.



The Great Singapore Sale is now on. Many might feel nowadays who buy in brick and mortar store? Buying online is wiser. True to some extend. But buying in store still have its attractiveness. Like you can touch and feel the items. You can try it on to see if it is suitable for you. Plus it is a good way to shed some calories and interact with the REAL world. Over the days I found many good deals. Remember to download GSS Gospree apps. You might get some good deals.

Wei! You are fantastic.. Huawei Mate 9

Have used Huawei Mate 9 for a week now and I love it !

First the box packaging looks good. Once you open the box, the beauty of Mate 9 shoots right into your eyes.

The phone is screaming premium in all angle. Holding onto the phone really give you a solid feel.

What is good?

  • Premium solid build
  • Comes with a free transparent casing
  • Protective cover already there
  • Can dual apps Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Good photo quality
  • Fast loading of apps and games
  • Screen display is top notch
  • Fast charging of 50% in less than 30 mins
  • Good battery life
  • Big screen of 5.9″
  • Fingerprint recognition is fast and accurate

Huawei Mate 9 is one phone you can seriously consider.

Apple iPhone Product (Red)

I company a friend to telco shop and came across Apple latest iPhone red color. From the picture, it looks not too bad but in actual, the red is not nice. 

Anyway, the sales guy told me this is a charity phone. Meaning if you purchase one, 50% of the sales proceed will go to a fund which is for HIV or AIDS patients in Africa. Price and specs are the same as regular iPhone.