Osia, Five stars services!

Osia steak and seafood grill is a one star Michelin restaurant. It is a western style concept. I ordered their set lunch. Starter I gotten the pumpkin soup. Appetizer I opt for Foie Gras. It is soft and the just melt in your mouth. Main I choose roasted meat. It is tender and juicy. Dessert I get the hot chocolate soup. Tasty. Ok. But the main highlight is their services! They are extremely attentive. One of my guest step out a while, and they quickly come out and ask if the food to be kept warm in kitchen and bring out later. Then when my guest came back, they suddenly appear with the food. Clearing of plates, topping up of water, serving of food are done with precision! Overall, I love it!

Set lunch is $45++


Resort World @ Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway, Festive Walk, #02-140, Singapore 098138

Reduce LDL? Try Kinohimitsu Choless

Too much “good food” usually leads to high cholesterol especially if you dun work out. I am one of them and my LDL has been getting higher for the past few years ago. I do not want to see doctor for medication and so I read online to see what kind of things help. I saw red yeast and so I tried a few red yeast pills from pharmacy but the effect seems limited. Though my LDL value drop, it is not significant until I tried Kinohimitsu Choless. It is also another red yeast pills but the effect is great. Just within a month, my LDL indicator drop to a borderline value. Also I did not observe any side effect. 

Choless costs $99 for two pack.

Nasi Lemak Burger

McDonald’s latest creation is Nasi Lemak burger. Yes. You heard it right. So does it taste good? Surprisingly it taste not bad. Really got Nasi Lemak flavour. But I still find it weird. Can try it once.

Nasi Lemak set meal costs $9.10.

Yakitori street in Shinjuku

In Shinjuku, there is an interesting old narrow street that is filled with many small shops selling Yakitori. It is known as Yakitori memory lane or piss alley. If you are into Yakitori, this place is quite a place to visit. You will see many local salaryman filling up the narrow street shops eating and drinking away. Beware, some store will charge an entrance fee. Check before entering. To avoid crowds, you can go after 9pm. The place opened till very late.

Must buy item: Toyko Banana?

If you ask anyone what to buy in Tokyo, chances are they will answer: Tokyo banana. This sponge cake like food should be one of the most famous item to buy as souvenir when you are in Tokyo. But you do not need to search high and low while in the city. You can simply buy it on the last day in Narita airport after you crossed the custom. It will be cheaper without tax plus fresher with a more updated expiry date.

Tokyo Banana costs 1000 Yen per box

Gyoza for supper?

Hungry in the middle of the night and thinking of what to eat? If you are staying in Shinjuku, you are in luck. Try Kakekomi Gyoza. This shop sells different type of gyoza. Fried, steam etc.. The texture and taste of the gyoza are really fascinating. I have to recommend the chicken soup gyoza. Simply delicious. Best of all, it is tourist friendly and not too expensive. Many tourists however just drop by for a drink. Open 24 hours.

Address: 1-12-2 Kabukicho 1-2F 58th Tokyo Bldg, Shinjuku 160-0021, Tokyo Perfecture

Ichiran Ramen.. Best in Japan??

I heard rave reviews about Ichiran ramen. Some said best ramen in Japan. So I decided to pop by. You need to buy the tickets from a vending machine. Fret not. It has English menu and anyway it only sells one type of ramen. So it is good for indecisive person. The food I would say is nice. The noodle I have to say is QQ. Smooth and not like others. The soup and egg are tasty too. But is it queuing nice? No. So I would not waste time queuing. Though is good, it is not out of this world.  There are many outlets in Japan and saw long queues at many outlets at usual timing. You can wait for hours just to eat that. But if you must, let me tell you how to beat the queue. Go on a weekday and go around midnight. By the way, they are open 24 hours. There are not many people at this sort of timing. 

Tonkotsu Raman costs 890 Yen