Bliv.. clearing black head.. is it working?

I saw online talking about Bliv is very effective in clearing black head. So is it really useful? I have tried using everyday after cleansing my face for about one month. Verdict is I dun really see an improvement. So I think Bliv not very useful.



The Great Singapore Sale is now on. Many might feel nowadays who buy in brick and mortar store? Buying online is wiser. True to some extend. But buying in store still have its attractiveness. Like you can touch and feel the items. You can try it on to see if it is suitable for you. Plus it is a good way to shed some calories and interact with the REAL world. Over the days I found many good deals. Remember to download GSS Gospree apps. You might get some good deals.

Where to buy facial products in Japan?

Facial products business is a huge market in Asia. Many famous and affordable brands are from Japan and Korea especially. You might think to get in departmental stores. But hold your horse. There are more places you can check out at a much competitive pricing. In Hong Kong, there are Sasa, Bonjour. In Korea, there are Olive Young, all the individual brand outlets. In Japan, you can go to the drug stores with the word 藥. Yes. You heard me. These drug stores sell tonnes of facial product brands at super competitive price. One popular chain is Matsumoto Kiyoshi. Some stores have their own promotion. It will be good if you can walk around and do your homework first before buying.