Not all Value $ shop the same

If you think the price is uniform across all Value $ shop, think again. Today I found that it is not true and the price can varies greatly. I bought a 500ml Dettol at shop A @ $5.50. But saw it selling at shop B @ $2.95!


So you want to buy a pre-owned car?

Singapore is famous or infamous of having to fork out a lot of money to buy a brand new car. An entry level Japanese car is easily $80k which you can get a supercar elsewhere. That is why many people turn to 2nd hand car market. But in the news and online, you can see horror stories on how 2nd hand dealers are out to cheat. So is there really a light out of this? Answer is yes though difficult.

I went with a friend on a shopping spree for 2nd hand car. So what you need to look out for?

1. It is not very worth to buy 2nd hand small car. The saving is not great and most of the time, the deprecation value is more than a brand new car. So advice is 2nd hand is more for bigger higher end continental car.

2. Focus on a type of car and then shop around based on your budget. Do not be fool by dealer saying someone wants to buy this car and pressure you into accepting a deal. Remember, there will always be a good deal another day.

3. Ask for all hidden costs. Many times dealers will add on many hidden costs on top of the selling price. They will say admin fee $500, no car loan from them $1000, etc.. Dun be fool by all this costs. Good dealer will not ask you pay for extra fee.

4. Mileage on the car might be tweaked to reflect much lower value. Use you judgement. If the car left 3 years old and per year ave mileage is much less than 10000km, it is very fishy to me. For a very normal drive, it usually is 15000km ave. If the dealer claim full agent service, better still. Ask for service record and double check with agent if possible.

5. Forget about things like accident free, tip top condition, previous owner is a lady, no repair needed kind of ads. Just trust your own eyes and feel.

6. Go for test drive if you found a car you really like. If the dealer is not keen for you to test drive, likely the car got issues. When testing, switch off radio to listen for sound. Try to ram the car a bit and go over hump slightly quick to test for suspension. Lookout for leakage. Take note of car smell, dash board and seat conditions for abuse. But of cos, dun expect new car conditions.

7. Bargain. Most of the time for big car, the margin is high. You can try slashing $5k.

8. Once you interested in a car, putting a deposit is normal but usually try to give a small number. $500 or so. The rest you should use a cash order and ask them to transfer ownership on the spot. Weekend, holidays are possible as it is online and instant.

9. Read online for reviews on dealers.

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday. Another round of shopping? I saw news people queuing overnight to get into Robinson mall. My goodness! Plus the picture show them dashing in!! Kiasu to the max!! All for the free iPhone X? People time is so worthless.. Anyway, for the rest of you, did you buy anything at your own comfort


If you like to go online shopping, you will know today is one of the biggest online shopping day. Originating from China and now it becomes a BIG thing in Singapore! Many just tag along. Many crazy sales online. I bought bought a few things of at least 50% off with all the vouchers code and rebates!

Expired food

Recently I have been eating expired food. This is all because of buying and storing. If you keep somewhere and you will bound to forget. Then, days and weeks past. One of the days, you do spring cleaning and you realise how many expired food you have stored!! Those that expired a few days, I will still try to eat it. More than that, I will throw them away. So buy only if you going to eat!


4th Oct is 中秋节。As usual, many people will buy mooncake as gift. Nowadays, the packaging is getting more and more fancy!! Last time, I buy certain brand mooncake due to their packaging! But if you think about it. Most of the time, people after finished the mooncake most likely throw away the packaging even as gift. So why waste that kind of $$? Unless you can recycle them like me. I recycle the packaging into tea box or container for candies.