Online shopping..

Are you a fan of online shopping? I guess many do. Else Amazon and Alibaba founder will not be billionaires. Anyway, there are some dates worth waiting for. If you are not urgent, you can put off buying till those dates. It is because the items are really in deep discount.

  • June 12 – JD but taobao also will involve.
  • July 7 – Shopee and Qoo10
  • July 12 – Lazada
  • 2nd Week July (Date will not be fixed) – Amazon Prime
  • Nov 11 – Taobao Single Day
  • Last Friday of Nov and following Monday – Many online shops. Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • 12 Dec – Taobao Double 12

These are the regulars. Of cos, on and off there will also have big promotions and flash deals you want to look out for. Those usually will coincide with celebration such as Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, Christmas, Summer sales etc..


Unlimited data

Still remember when telco launch 3G network, they offered 12GB data. Speed is fine and people are happy. But when they upgrade to 4G, they suddenly become stingy and only give out 2GB of data for basic plan. Fast forward till now, more competition coming in. Now telco dished out huge data with basic plan again. Like starhub, they give free 90GB data plus unlimited data on weekend per month. M1 also follow with 15GB plus unlimited data on weekend. Only Singtel not that attractive.

婆妈剧 – 好人。

Recently watching a korean show 好人。越看越气和无聊。哈。故事太不合理。The starting is OK. The middle part become unbelievable. Then, after that OK. Now ending again unbelievable. Two characters I hated.

1. The lead actress birth mother. In the entire show, only one expression. “my baby, go away, ahhhh.” Just like that. Feel like slapping her.

2. The lead actress grandmother and look alike friend. Again, the expression I feel like slapping her.

Overall, it is really draggy though certain part is funny and OK.

Pump petrol @ Esso to redeem Cny cutlery

Lately I have come across Esso promotion on pump petrol redeem cutlery. But now they dun give out free but ask you to use points or cash. If you pump 98, 300 points or $10. 95 is 450 points or $15. It says WMF 4 pics cutlery set worth $49.90. But lately I come across Watsons roadshow selling very similar WMF set @$6.90. So are they the same? I redeem one from Esso and bought one from Watsons to compare. They are not identical but similar. Esso design more western. Watsons design more chinese. Quality wise, I feel not much difference. So it depends on preferences. Left is Esso, right is Watsons.