Day 7: Athens

We continued the trip and flew back to Athens. I booked a pickup from the company welcome pickups. It is very punctual and the car boot is huge for three big luggages. Luckily I did not opt to drive in Athens city. It is too crowded and messy!! I think parking will be a huge issue. I stayed very near to Syntagma Square which is the central of Athens. After settling down in our hotel, we explored the city. First stop is lunch. It is around 3pm and I tot lunch time is long over. Alas, I am so wrong. Many of the restaurants and cafes are filled with people. Then, I realized Greek lunch time is 2+, 3pm. It is so different from Asians timing of typical 12+, 1pm. After a nice lunch, we walked to the nearby park to take a look at Temple of Zeus. I am standing outside taking pictures as the park is gated up. Then, we strolled to the award winning Acropolis Museum. It is a three storey building with a restaurant at level 2. It housed all the artifacts found in The Acropolis and Parthenon. If you look at every artifacts and the story, it can easily take you more than four hours. More for museum lovers.

Temple of Zeus

Acropolis Museum

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