Star Wars The last Jedi.. Typical with many loop holes…

I caught The Last Jedi over the weekend. It is a very typical Star Wars show. The fighting, the shooting etc.. So is it nice? If you are a fans, maybe you will overlook all that “dunno why got this scene” issues. Else, likely there will be more questions pop out. There are many story lines in the show that I feel questionable and unbelievable. Like Princess Leia got blasted out in space but can fly back like supergal. Overall, it is a very typical kind of Star Wars movie where there are many parallel fights going on. Overall, not bad for effect. Story wise, pretty hollow.


Murder on the orient express.. bored to tears

I just caught this movie thinking it should be exciting like 金田一. But I am so wrong! It talks about a super detective on board a train and encounters a murder. All the passengers on the train are suspects and how he will identify who is the murderer. The plot sounds simple and nice. But the whole show portray is super sian.. Talking all the way with the super monotonous flow. The saving grace maybe is the ending with a twist. Plus maybe some big names. Worth watching? No. Run away faster that the orient express

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday. Another round of shopping? I saw news people queuing overnight to get into Robinson mall. My goodness! Plus the picture show them dashing in!! Kiasu to the max!! All for the free iPhone X? People time is so worthless.. Anyway, for the rest of you, did you buy anything at your own comfort

Ah Boys To Men 4

This is sort of the fourth installment of the series. But strictly speaking, third episode seems not related. Anyway, this time it talks about ICT life. I find it quite nice though many people said otherwise. The acting and portray of ICT I have to say quite good and accurate though a bit drama. Maybe those who went through ICT can relate more. The show is funny also. But just that too many inserted products sponsor appearing in the show. Well, I guess they have no choice. Overall, good effort. 

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok talks about Thor’s sister Hela appears and trying to take her revenge. The show tries to mimic Deadpool style of humor in the show. Though it is funny, I still find it they trying too hard to be humorous. Interesting part is a cameo by Dr Strange. Overall, it is not too bad. Oh, remember to stay for mid and post credit scenes.


If you like to go online shopping, you will know today is one of the biggest online shopping day. Originating from China and now it becomes a BIG thing in Singapore! Many just tag along. Many crazy sales online. I bought bought a few things of at least 50% off with all the vouchers code and rebates!

Daegu Dongseongno Street

Seoul has a number of famous fashion shopping streets. What does Daegu have? It has a similar street @ Dongseongno and can be easily accessible by Subway. Drop off at Jungango station. But beware, the general English level of the sales person in the shop is not as good as in Seoul. Also, many dunno how to speak Mandarin. So dun bet on it.